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We have a super amazing alumni that has some great thiings to share about the workshop. I didn't pay them to write these good things, you can ask them ;-)

Umesh P Sharma, FJA Alumni 

"It was everything I imagined it would cover along with the pointers which were so simple yet effective but always invisible. Mentoring in truest sense. Worth every penny invested, Infact alot more value add as the connects we make, people we talk to in the course and the content cannot be valued in a few 100 dollars. Thank you Navjot for the course"


"My session with FJA was very useful. I have gained some very valuable insights which I believe will be useful for any kind of Job and career in my future. I highly recommend this session to everyone. The best part is the community of all FJA Alumni which helps each other for a better life in Canada"


"Navjot is very helpful and has scripted the course very well . There are lot of things that need to done before you move to Canada to get a job and those critical things are very well explained in this course . In addition to that , he has researched a lot of additional sites which are very helpful in applying for a job and make a lot of difference . He has changed my overall approach towards Canadian job market and how recruiters think and approach your applications"


"The session to be frank woke me from the slumber! Firstly, Navjot highlighted and stressed on the basics that we need to align before even thinking of applying for a job in Canada, which indeed I wasn't aware of. Being a foodie, what else could be a better way for me to describe the whole experience! Let’s Get Started!


Welcome to Navjot ki Rasaoyi - For a tasty Canadian Job you would require the following ingredients: Strong LinkedIn profile, Networking, Canadian style resume, certifications and not to forget the secret ingredient – FIGJAM (sounds like Anjeer ka halwa to me, yum!).


Method of preparation: Prior to your arrival in Canada, marinate a solid LinkedIn profile alongside building a strong network with contacts in your field - give them a continuous mix and keep it ready. Layer the marination on an amazing freshly prepared creamy Canadian style/compliant resume and top it up with certifications. Sprinkle on this marinate the secret ingredient – FIGJAM and mix well. Dish is almost ready. Garnish the dish with your confidence, self-motivated attitude, and pleasant personality (Navjot ko hi dekhlo!).


Now that I’m no more possessed by the great chef Sanjeev Kapoor ji, let me come back to normal. This community in the making initiative by Potato Talkies is simply magnificent as we are given that perfect platform to already feel we are in Canada. As few of the participants in my batch are in Canada, hearing them speak on the job market, their job search experience, and general life in Canada discussion kept me motivated and lively or else the pandemic and the never-ending wait had almost left us with nothing.


The FJA was indeed immensely helpful as I was able to grab a job in a US-based company in India, however, the team I would be working with is US-based and so the project lead from there interviewed me and was really impressed by the resume and FIGJAM. After updating the resume and having one-on-one session with Navjot brought about a whole new experience to me. Indeed, they are more like a family and there is a sense of togetherness when we see their videos or their journey!


Extremely happy to be a part of this cult and the best thing happened to me and my wife in 2021 could indeed be the FJA. And the best part apart from the 2-day session is the access to the amazing WhatsApp group and the monthly accountability call which helps in addressing our doubts, discussion on updates, doubt clearances, vacancy updates, and other important discussions. I wish and pray that this community keeps growing and benefit many like me who wish to lead a better life in Canada!


Thanks for this initiative once again, Navjot and Simran!"


"Navjot gets to know all of his participants prior to the session and tries to make the workshop as relevant to the participants as possible, depending on their job profiles. The professional incidents, included throughout the session makes it so much interesting & pertinent. And the PPT is so well curated, well researched & made from personal experiences, that makes us realize that all this can be applied at any stage of our professional career. Don't miss it if you're trying to break out the basic cycle and excel in your professional career"


"The sessions were highly knowledgeable and the learnings were very practical and implementable. Highly recommended!"

Adil Ahmad, FJA ALUMNI

"The best $200 investment I ever made. The session was extremely well planned, the content was spot on, delivery was flawless and all resources /templates were shared promptly. I cannot think imagine anyone not succeeding in their job hunt (anywhere in the world) even if they follow 60% of what was advised. Thank you Navjot"


"This was an eye opener for me! I used to think that there is ample amount of time to prepare for Canada. After FJA, I am aware of all the pre requisites i need to be prepared with if i want to get a job as early as i land into Canada.


Navjot is a powerhouse who will believe in you and inspire you to get out of comfort zone and build success stories. I am surely fuelled up with all the apt resources and confident about securing job in Canada but more than that I have also discovered a close knit community of FJA alumni who belong to several backgrounds and are always up for helping each other in every way possible. Glad that i took my first baby step by joining FJA"


"The FJA sessions with Navjot are exactly what is required for a newcomer to Canada. The sessions were far better than what was advertised. There was a constant personal review during the sessions as the batch size was small.


The content of the session was well researched, the presentation and delivery were spot on and the coverage of topics was comprehensive. In addition, the one-on-one session with Navjot post the FJA weekend gave the detailed personal review from resume to job search to any other personal doubt under the roof.


Not to forget, the FJA also enabled me to get in touch with the amazing FJA Alumni through the whatsapp group as well as the monthly follow-up sessions, in which Navjot is always super active to provide the answer to any query whatsoever.


In short, I would totally recommend the session if someone is a newcomer or is planning to move to Canada as FJA may turn out to be that "X" factor in your job hunt."

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